I recently designed a website for a client using very strong colour scheme. He said he liked it except for the fact that it made his eyeballs burn. The Cuisinistas site would probably cause his head to explode.

This site was originally designed and built on the discontinued iWeb platform. The founder wanted to move to WordPress while maintaining the same colours and imagery, as well as updating the site and taking advantage of a lot of extra features. Some of these include a Flickr gallery on party pages, site images can be ‘pinned’ on Pinterest with a click, a mailing list, social media links, and searchable pages with custom submenus.

Check out Cuisinistas, have a party.

cuisinistas party planning website design

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2 Responses to The Cuisinistas Club

  1. Ged Stankus says:

    Cool. Can you do this to my site now plz.

  2. seanbelly says:

    Sure, I have just enough hot pink leftover.

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