It seems impossible to predict the next breakthrough in social media, but as incredible as it may seem, social media is still in it’s infancy. The human world has never been so closely interwoven with the digital world, and the speed at which new technologies and platforms are launched increases almost hourly.

To put this in perspective: Geocities, arguably the first social media platform, was launched in 2004. When it was disbanded due to lack of interest it held 38 million user-built pages. The now decrepit Myspace was created by an internet marketing firm in 2003. 2004 saw the beginning of Facebook, 2006 Twitter. We are now inundated with countless social interaction and sharing platforms frequented by billions of people worldwide, and they are available on everything from our televisions to our beepers (beepers are still cool, right?).

Advertisers can utilize sites like Facebook to target very specific demographics, and with Google’s new privacy policy now in effect your likes, needs, wants and queries are stored and readily available to anyone who asks them nicely (and by nicely I mean by paying them).

With that in mind, it becomes obvious that more niche specific platforms will be released, funneling users into smaller and smaller groups. I’d like to jump the gun and get in on this action ahead of the game for once, and so I’ve tapped into my unique genius and developed two platforms of my own.


This site will be dedicated to a very specific type of user.



This site will allow users to share and exchange information about face cloths.


BTW: What does it mean if you need to use spell check on the word Genius?

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