I began a short contract with the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat in the position of Web Coordinator in the Fall of 2012. What began as a temporary position covering a leave, turned into a great design opportunity during a period of transition for the ministry. The first thing to be tackled was the existing homepage, which needed upgrading.

To view the original page as a pdf, click the image below (it’s a bit long):
OSS Previous homepageThumb

The biggest obstacle with this page, was that users couldn’t find the information they needed. The search function at the time wasn’t ideal, and some highly searched sections weren’t available from the navigation. A Google Analytics scan revealed the most popular pages, the top incoming searches and pages with the highest exit rates.

The six buttons at the top of the page align with the highest trafficked pages and searches, in fact these six accounted for over 80% of all web traffic. I was able to differentiate information found in the ‘Seniors Guide’ from pages on the rest of the site, scale down the news and create call outs for important resources.

During my short time here, I was also able to contribute some designs for the Ontario’s Action Plan for Seniors page as well as design and develop a mobile version of the site. In June, the site will be incorporated into the new Ontario.ca, so it was decided not to launch the mobile.

OSS mobile

The OSS site can be found at ontario.ca/seniors. For posterity’s sake, here’s a screenshot:

OSS redesigned homepage

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