While working in a contract position at my last gig, I was asked to write a series of very basic Photoshop tutorials for the production department after they took notice of my formidable skills. The department was really busy, and they wanted to find the fastest way to achieve some pretty specific results. This is the first in a series of fractured tutorials I wrote by request, so instead of storing them away with my fantastic floppy disc collection, I’ll put them here instead.
Stay tuned for more excitement, photoshop fans!

Introduction to the Spot Healing Brush


Spot healing brush tool

This tool is great for quick fixes. It doesn’t work for every application, but for small imperfections it should be near the top of your list of things to try. It works by sampling the area surrounding where you click, so make your brush slightly bigger than the spot you want to address and experiment with the hardness settings for the best results.

  1. Open the file BeachLady.jpg
    Removing woman from ocean with photoshop

  2. Select the Spot Healing Brush Tool (quick key J), brush size = 80px, hardness = 40px
    Removing woman from ocean with photoshop

  3. Put your cursor over the woman and click once.

Removing woman from ocean with photoshop
Blammo! Your ocean is now cleared of unsanitary humans.
Please make cheques for this tutorial payable to:

c/o The HeMan Woman Haters Club
He Man Woman Haters Club

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