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Photoshop Tutorial #1:Spot Healing Brush

This tool is great for quick fixes. It doesn’t work for every application, but for small imperfections it should be near the top of your list of thing to try.

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Skittles is the Taste

After hours of research I realized that Wrigley’s has spent most of their advertising budget targeting kids with hip commercials and boasts of Fruity Explosions

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Free RSS Icons

RSS syndication is one of the most common methods to subscribe to a blog. It is therefore imperative that your feed can be easily found. One of the best ways to do this add an RSS icon to your blogs. If you really want your blog to stand out, use one of these customized icons, courtesy of

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The Royal Bank of Norway

This is a new campaign for the Royal Bank of Norway, targeting a largely overlooked section of the population.

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Variety is a bad thing

Here’s a new marketing campaign for the local classic rock station, Q107. I think it will be very powerful and […]

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