SeanbellySeanbelly was created in the early 90’s while I was trying to find a username that wasn’t taken so I could sign up for my first email account with Yahoo. Many people assume I chose this name because I have a big beer belly. This isn’t entirely true. Others think it has something to do with my wife’s cat, which was coincidentally named Belly. The truth is, I was listening to Leadbelly when the similarities between us suddenly struck me. This photo attests to my revelation.

Sean Leadbelly
Much later, after spending close to a decade working as a professional sound designer on everything from video games to cartoons, movies and commercials, it became obvious that it was time to do something new with my life. If I added the sound of cheering crowds and clinking glasses to one more beer commercial, or narrated the movements of one more hysterical singing clown using a slide whistle, I was going to lose my mind.

Instead, I followed my inspiration and began seriously studying graphic and web design, soon graduating in the top of my class (…it was a very small class) from Toronto Image Works Institute and embarked upon my new career as a freelance web designer. This led me to creating everything from ebook covers for mysterious, non-paying characters living overseas, to working on government websites. Shorly afterwards I decided to shift my focus, and work entirely for non-profit and social profit organizations.

In the meantime I play guitar with various bands including Blue Mercury Coupe and The Howling Bullets, teach and still manage to spend time with my wife.

If you are still reading, feel free to get in touch with me to discuss your next project.